Monday, December 2, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Jack Keenan Meets Heather Furr

This is a weekly feature about my friends who have met celebrities.

I have written many times about my coverage of the Chicago Bliss.  I loudly proclaim that I love the Bliss and I love spreading the word about the Bliss.
My friend Jack was pulled into emergency service helping me on a last minute trip to a Bliss game.  Jack actually liked what he saw and has become a bit of a fan.
What's not to like though?  The Bliss players are attractive, athletic female football players.  To the uninformed, the emphasis is really on football.  These ladies can play.
When I needed to write a story for the site, I decided to interview Heather Furr, the MVP quarterback for the Bliss.  Always looking to expand the interviewer lineup, I asked Jack to conduct this one with Heather.
Jack will downplay it, but he did a fine job, especially for a first timer.  Check it out for yourself at On the Beat with Heather Furr.
This was a complete win for everyone.  I got the story done. addded a new contributor.  We gave the Bliss a little more coverage and they gained at least one new Jack.
Jack Keenan and me in Chicago, IL-October 2013.


Evil Zebra said...

Nice interview Jack...... you lucky guy you, Heather is a cutie!!

Yo Leno.... you think we could interest Heather in getting on to the Wall of Fame @ the Castle???

Take it,

Johngy said...

EZ-While I agree with your opinion of Heather, what would the connection be for her to be on your Wall? Now, if you come to Chicago sometime...