Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On the Beat with Jason Williams of the Carolina Panthers

A funny thing happened at the Chicago Bliss tryouts a couple months ago.  We landed a Panther.  More specifically, JohngysBeat.com landed Carolina Panther Jason Williams.  We had some help in the form of ChrisDell Harris, star running back of the Bliss and sister of Williams.
It was great meeting Williams and getting an NFL player's view of the LFL.  Williams had some very positive things to say about the LFL and the Bliss tryouts.
At the time of the interview, the Panthers were 4-3 and scuffling a bit.  I mentioned this and Williams corrected me saying that the team was going in the right direction.  He was absolutely correct on that.  Since the interview, the Panthers have gone 8-1.
That is an amazing turn around.  The Panthers started 0-2 and there was talk of Coach Ron Rivera getting fired.  Now there is talk of him being named Coach of the Year.  Can JohngysBeat.com take any of the credit for this?  Either way, we will at least enjoy the success of the Panthers.
I really appreciate Williams talking to us.  I also appreciate ChrisDell for making this possible.

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