Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On the Beat with William L. Bozarth at Days of the Dead 2013

How can you not be attracted to an "anthology series following four adventurous squirrels with a penchant for mischief always seeming to get mixed up in spooky situations?"  It attracted the eyes of the young interviewers, Christopher and Steven.  Okay, I admit, it attracted my attention, too.
William L. Bozarth and Laura D. James are the creative forces behind Spooky Skwerl Stories.  The pair were appearing at Days of the Dead in Chicago promoting their work, when Christopher and Steven snagged interviews with each of them.  Today, we feature the William interview and Laura gets hers featured tomorrow.
William had the youngsters (and us adults) intrigued and interested throughout their conversation.  In fact, as you watch it, you can see a few times when we thought the interview was over, but it kept going and we kept rolling because it was all good.  A couple weeks later, the young reporters were still talking about William, Laura and Charlemagne.
William answers their questions with thought and humor.  I really appreciate his time in talking to us.  I also appreciate Steven and Christopher for bringing a new perspective to Johngy's Beat.  Finally, I appreciate Days of the Dead, one of the best cons I attend.  Their attention to detail and hands-on approach makes it a winner every time.
After you watch the interview, head over to Spooky Skwerl Stories on Facebook to learn more about thie fun series.

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