Friday, January 31, 2014

Johngy Gets the Ferrari

ChrisDell Harris racked up 596 rushing yards in 98 attempts during 7 games for an average of 6.1 yards per carry.  She also scored 11 touchdowns and added 2 more TD's on her 12 receptions.  ChrisDell was a major force on the Chicago Bliss offense and a major contributor to their 2013 Legends Football League championship.
We had the pleasure of interviewing ChrisDell right after a playoff game last season and right before the tryout camp this season.  In fact, ChrisDell even got her brother Jason Williams (of the Carolina Panthers) to talk to us, too.
ChrisDell is nicknamed "Ferrari" and I can see why.  She is classy and speedy.  On the other hand, she is one tough player, but I guess you can't call her a "Tank with a Ferrari engine."  Ferrari sells better.
The Bliss open their season in Milwaukee on April 5.  I will be there to cover the action and bring the recap and interviews right back here!
ChrisDell Harris and me in Bridgeview, IL-October 2013.

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