Saturday, February 1, 2014

Roddy Piper and My Mom

I have been a fan of Roddy Piper for over 30 years.  I totally enjoyed his work in the wrestling ring.  His verbal skills are among the top few in wrestling history.  The man can cut a promo!
Whenever I see Piper, I always think of my mom.  I can't say my mom was a wrestling fan, but I think she did occasionally watch Saturday Night Main Event.
I remember one specific time I came home from a date and my mom was still awake.  She tld me (somewhat proudly and a little bit excitedly) that she had recorded a segment with Piper.  It was the famous scene when Piper returned to the WWE and destroyed the Flower Shop set.
I don't know why my mom had any sort of appreciation for Piper.  I really should have just asked her.  I think it would be interesting to get her take.
Obviously, Piper is one of the most colorful characters in wrestling history.  So is Hulk Hogan and my mom never had much interest in him though (no offense to the Hulkamaniacs out there).  I wonder what in Piper grabbed my mom's attention.
Maybe she just followed my lead.  Maybe she kept an eye on Piper for me.  I am sure that is part of it, but I don't think it is the whole story.
Unfortunately, my mom is gone.  Of course, if I had the chance to talk to her again, her affection for Piper wouldn't be my first choice for topics, but it certainly would come up.
Roddy Piper and me in Rosemont, IL-Early 2000's.

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