Sunday, January 26, 2014

On the Beat with the Chicago Bliss-01/20/14

There is no pro football today (the Pro Bowl does not count), but football is on my mind because of the Chicago Bliss.  As I have previously reported, the Bliss is back and ready to defend their 2013 Legends Football League championship (and I am ready to head to Vegas with them in September).
Bigger!  Faster!  Stronger!
I keep hearing those words from everyone with the Bliss.  I can also see it in the players as I watch their practices.  These women won the title last season, yet they probably worked harder than ever in this offseason.  It's almost scary.
I never doubted Coach Keith Hac last season when he boldly stated that the Bliss would win the title, because they were simply the best team.  Coach Hac has repeated that prediction for the 2014 season and his fellow coaches agree, as do the players, the fans and everyone around the team.
At the second practice of the 2014 season, I saw the players more focused than ever.  Simple drills were performed with midseason intensity.  The veterans want to show their improvement, while the rookie hopefuls want to show they belong.  The result will be a bigger, faster, stronger Bliss team as a unit.
We interviewed a cross-section of the players.  We talked to Nani Christine (a returning veteran), Emily Greiner (a member of the 2012 Bliss who is coming back) and Bridget McDonnell (a rookie trying to make the team).
Each gave a unique perspective on the situation, but all agreed on the depth and talent of the team.  All had the look of a hungry athlete.  All were totally ready to contribute in any way to the 2014 Bliss.
Every time I leave a Bliss function, I already look forward to the next one.  There is just such an energy about the team and the individuals.  I encourage everyone to get on the Bliss bandwagon now and enjoy the ride all season.  For more information, you can check out or the Chicago Bliss Facebook page.

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