Saturday, January 18, 2014

On the Beat with Heather Furr and Dominique Collins of the Chicago Bliss

Of course, coaches need players and the Bliss was already loaded before their tryouts last October.  The twenty who land on the full roster will be the best of the best.
We talked to returning veterans MVP quarterback Heather "Rockstar" Furr and the versatile Dominique "DC" Collins to get their thoughts on last season and the upcoming one, as well as other fun stuff.  They looked in fantastic shape.  They explained that they have worked even harder in the offseason.
Bigger!  Faster!  Stronger!
Heather and DC were their usual confident and ready selves.  These women continue to really impress me.  I would go into battle with them any time!  They are everything you want in a player and they are beautiful and personable.  It is a winning combination.
Additionally, the top women from the tryout were at the practice.  I saw big, strong, athletic newcomers.  I saw everyone run through drills of speed, coordination and endurance.  I saw everyone go full out from beginning to end.
The Bliss is back and they are...
Bigger!  Faster!  Stronger!

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