Friday, January 10, 2014

Rolling with Val Capone

As the 2014 Windy City Rollers season begins, Val Capone will once again be wearing #89 as she skates for Hell's Belles.  This will be her 10th season with WCR!
We had the pleasure f watching Val last season and interviewing her after one of her bouts.  That interview can be found at On the Beat with Val Capone.
We talked about her career and her life off the track.  We even talked a bit of wrestling at some point.  Val is a real sweetheart (I hope she doesn't kill me for writing that).
The roller derby ladies are tough.  We cover women wrestling and playing football and these ladies of the WCR are just as tough as anyone.  They are also just as dedicated.  They do not get paid and they practice often.  It takes real commitment to be a part of WCR and I applaud them all.
I really do applaud them, as often as my schedule permits.  I love going down to the UIC and watching these teams compete.  I admit, I still get a bit confused over scoring, but that doesn't detract from the amusement level.
I plan on attending more bouts this year.  Hopefully, my derby partner Scott Beatty and I will get some interviews and bring you new, interesting nuggets from the life on and off the track.
Until then, go to to learn more about Val and the rest of the league.
Val Capone and me in Chicago IL-Spring 2013.

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