Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Could Chris Burnham Save Aquaman?

I remember drawing comics when I was a kid.  I know most of my friends did, too.  We all dreamed of becoming comic book creators, but illustrator Chris Burnham is living that dream.
Perhaps best known for his work on Batman Incorporated, Burnham already has a lengthy resume at an early age.  He has done interior and cover work for such companies as Marvel, DC and many others.  The man is massively talented.  He was also massively popular at the conventions when I saw him.
I admit, I tried wooing him over to the aquatic side.  Maybe Aquaman could gain some momentum with a creative force like Burnham working on it.  I think Burnham is a bit too busy, but if he wanted a real challenge, restoring Aquaman to its former glory would be a great addition to his resume.
I really appreciate Burnham talking to us.  Despite the long line of his fans and the many demands on his time, he took some of his valuable time and gave us a fun interview.
My interview with him can be found at On the Beat with Chris Burnham at Wizard World.
Chris Burnham and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2013.

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