Monday, February 3, 2014

Friendly Encounters: Frank Wroblewski Meets Michael Kostka

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebrities.

There he is again doing my job.  My dad is meeting more and more celebrities and reporting back to me proudly.  He is almost boasting.  Practically taunting me with his conquests.
His latest celebrity was Michael Kostka of the Chicago Blackhawks.  My dad met Kostka at Bridges Scoreboard Sports Bar, his usual watering hole and place of choice to meet athletes.  
My dad gets a real kick out of attending these events and deliverig the picture and story to  He is usually sporting either the Johngy shirt or a shirt representing the player appearing.  In this case, he is wearing a Marian Hossa Hawks shirt.  I have to admire his style.
Kostka is one of the newer Hawks.  At 28, he is not that young, but he is trying to get himself into the regular rotation.  According to my dad, Kostka was very pleasant and outgoing.  He was great with the kids, too.
As always, I appreciate my dad's contributions.  As long as I don't start seeing a, I will be completely fine with it.
Michael Kostka and Frank Wroblewski in Griffith, IN-January 2014.

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