Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Jason Fleigel

I have known Jason Fleigel for almost 20 years now.  He started as a part-time telemarketer for me at Lerner Newspapers.  While he wasn't a very good (or motivated) telemarketer, he turned out to be a great friend.  Part brother, part friend, part cohort, Jason has been an important part of my life.
Last year, he married Heather and I have never seen him happier or more at peace.  It is almost unsettling, but he does deserve all the happiness he can get.  He is a great guy and they are an excellent couple.
One of my proudest days was when I was one of Jason's groomsmen.  I know he has several good friends and to be selected to be there with him on his most special day meant a lot to me.
Today I wish a great birthday to my bud Jason.  I am sure he will be celebrating with his beloved bride, ensconced in their happiness.  That is the best birthday I could imagine for him (unless the Hawks popped in for a visit).
Happy birthday Jason!  To quote the immortal Ric Flair, "Woooooooooooooooooooooo!"
Jason Fleigel and me in  June 2013.


Jason said...

Thanks for the great birthday write up Johngy! You're the best!

Jean Parker said...

Happy belated Birthday!
Hope you had a great day!
Keep celebrating!