Thursday, February 13, 2014

Undead Aquaman?

I am not sure when the Zombie craze started.  I know it was strong in 2010, because I saw a lot of Zombie variations at the Motor City Comic Con that year.  I even saw a Zombie Aquaman!
Aquaman is the most underrated superhero.  He is also one of the least selected superheroes for people choosing to dress up as superheroes at these conventions.  I am usually happy if I see one Aquaman at every con.
In 2010, I saw the usual Aquaman (I believe his name is Scott) at the MCCC.  I got my picture and figured that would be the last Aquaman sighting.  Later, as we were leaving, I ran into another Aquaman, a version I had never seen before.
Zombie Aquaman!
Now this was cool and different.  Maybe if the writers of Aquaman thought of stuff like this, he might gain some popularity!  Maybe others would start seeing the coolness and potential in Aquaman.  Maybe I would see more Aquamen (and Aquawomen) at these conventions!
Zombie Aquaman and me in Novi, MI-May 2010.

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