Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Hog Talk

Yesterday, I wrote about the demise of the Chicago Express ending my run as their beat writer, but also starting a run with the Rockford IceHogs.  To their credit, the IceHogs organization has beeen just as open and friendly as the Express.
Currently the IceHogs are in a heated battle for second place.  First place is occupied by the Grand Rapids Griffins, who hold a double-digit point lead over second place.  The other four teams are only separated by 6 points.  This is a dogfight and one of the teams is the Chicago Wolves.
Am I cheering for the IceHogs over the Wolves?  May the best team win.  Okay, that is not concrete enough.  I must pick a side.  I go with the team who has welcomed  That team is the IceHogs!
While there is no cheering in the pressbox (thank you and RIP Jerome Holtzman), I have been known to (mostly) silently root for the IceHogs when I am there in person.  As the season winds down and the standings tighten up, I have to declare my loyalty here for all to see.
I was in the stands in 2000 when the Wolves won the championship.   Hopefully, I will be in the pressbox when the IceHogs win the championship this year.  In the meantime, please check out my video coverage at my Rockford IceHogs playlist on YouTube.
Coach Ted Dent and me in Rockford, IL-December 2013.

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and you guys beat my Bulldogs last night