Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bliss Week: Coach Hac Promises Repeat!

The Chicago Bliss open the 2014 Legends Football League season this Saturday.  To celebrate the start of their title defense, I am declaring this "Bliss Week" on Johngy's Beat.  I am starting Bliss Week with Coach Keith Hac, the man who gets the Bliss going.
The Bliss will win the Legend League title in 2014, going undefeated.  Coach Hac proclaimed this.  The Bliss players repeat this.  I believe this.
It really is quite simple.  This is not to diminish anything Hac or the team has or will accomplish.  Hac and the team have a plan and execute that plan perfectly (no pun intended).
In the offseason, I kept hearing "Bigger.  Faster.  Stronger."  When I attended the first practice in January, I saw the proof.  I saw bigger, faster and stronger players.  The veterans came into camp in great shape, mentally and physically.  They were ready to defend their title.
I have talked to Hac and his staff many times.  I see their vision.  I am sure they have not told me everything, nor will I reveal what they have told me anyway.  That is for other coaches to figure out.
I can tell you that I see the development.  I see the wisdom in the design.  I stood with Coach Hac in the endzone watching other LFL playoff games and I listened to his observations.  The man is right on.  He sees things quickly and evaluates them.  In short, he knows what he is doing, as does his staff.
They make a plan and they work on it with the team.  Come September, we shall see the plan come to fruition as the Bliss capture their second Legends League title.
That road to the title starts April 5 in Milwaukee.  I will be there watching the Bliss beat the Chill.
Coach Keith Hac and me in Willowbrook, IL-February 2014.

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