Monday, March 31, 2014

Friendly Encounters: Jack Keenan Meets Emily Greiner

This is a weekly feature about my friends who have met celebrities.

I met Jack Keenan through AU Sports and Memorabilia.  Jack helped me in my coverage of the Chicago Bliss last season, including an exciting playoff victory.  When I signed on to cover the Bliss in 2014, I asked Jack back to work with me.
I have written many times about how much fun I think the Bliss are.  I believe Jack would echo those sentiments.  He certainly is not doing this because I am great company!
This is a perfect example for all of you non-fans.  Until last season Jack was not a fan of the Bliss.  I am not even sure he had heard of the Bliss.  Yet, within a few practices and games, he developed an interest, just like I did.
I cannot say it enough.  The Chicago Bliss is a blast.  The Legends Football League is a blast.  These women are as tough and beautiful as can be.  There is no better combination of toughness and beauty than found in the LFL and on the Chicago Bliss in particular.
Be like Jack.  Be like me.  Discover the Chicago Bliss.  Their first game is April 5 in Milwaukee.  Their second game is their home opener on May 9.  Come on out and see what we already know.  The Bliss is one of the best kept secrets in Chicago and I am doing my best to make it not so secret!
Emily Greiner and Jack Keenan in Darien, IL-January 2014.

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