Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brad Ausmus is a Rookie Again

The 2014 baseball season is approaching and Brad Ausmus will be one of the new managers on the baseball scene.  Ausmus will be leading the Detroit Tigers.
Ausmus was one of my favorite players (which was odd, because he was not a backup catcher).  Ausmus was an excellent backstop for four teams during his 18 season career.  One of those teams was the Houston Astros, for whom he played for 10 of those seasons).
For many of his seasons in Houston, I was fortunate enough to attend several games a year.  Unfortunately, I was not a credentialed member of the press during those seasons, but I did manage to land Ausmus for an interview in Milwaukee while he played for the Dodgers.  Actually, it is not so much an interview, but more like a video bit, but despite the brevity of this 20 second clip, I still count it as an interview.  That interview can be found at Brad Ausmus: On Los Angeles and His Future.
Ausmus was always considered an intelligent player and a great future manager candidate.  The future is now for Ausmus and I am happy for him.  He was always a class act and I enjoyed watching him and talking to him in Milwaukee.  Maybe now I can even get him at a Tigers game!
Brad Ausmus and me in Milwaukee, WI-Summer 2009.

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