Monday, March 17, 2014

Friendly Encounters: The Boys Meet Nikki St. John

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Late last year, Louie brought his kids and nephew and a friend and his son to their first Resistance Pro wrestling show.  It was great seeing them all have a fun time and meet some of my newer friends in R Pro.
The boys got to meet most of the wrestling talent and I totally appreciated how nice the talent was to the boys.  Everyone eagerly posed and talked to the boys.  I was not surprised though, the wrestlers at R Pro do that all of the time.  They are great with all of their fans (young and old).
The boys clearly have an eye for the lovely ladies.  They all were very happy about posing with Nikki St. John, one of the R Pro originals.  I certainly cannot blame them for that.  I have posed with Nikki many times and I plan on getting more pictures at future shows (fair warning to Nikki).
Seriously, Nikki is fantastic in and out of the ring.  I have seen her wrestle for over two years and I have seen her work very hard at improving and the results are visible.  Nikki is just a real sweetheart, too.
I also like this picture because of the Johngy shirts.  Wow that is a lot of Johngy.  It makes me laugh to see them all wearing my shirt.  I have known them for their entire lives and they are great kids.
Peter, Steven, Nikki St. John, Christopher and Andrew in Chicago, IL-November 2013.

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