Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Johngy Talks to Peter Gammons

For my first interview as a credentialed member of the press at Dodger Stadium, I interviewed Peter Gammons.  Landing a Hall of Fame broadcaster is a great way to get started.
Chuck Gekas and I were so excited, yet not really prepared for the experience.  We did not even have a video cam.  We relied on an audio recorder and still shots.  We probably looked like goofs, but we had fun and we have progressed a lot since then.
The interview itself was rather primitive, too.  I worked the Global Traveler angle and discussed travel with Gammons.  It would be easy now to look back and think I wasted a great opportunity with Gammons.  I could have asked him so many more interesting questions.  In our defense, we were rookies and we were sticking with the GT theme which got us into the park.
Gammons was very obliging.  In fact, he talked to us several times after our interview.  He is an interesting guy.
While I would love the opportunity to do another interview with Gammons, I would not change that first experience for anything.  That whole day was one of the most exciting times in my life.
That interview can be found at Johngy Talks to Peter Gammons (not a very creative title, but very descriptive).  Maybe someday I will have a sequel to put up with that first one.
Peter Gammons and me in Los Angeles, CA-Summer 2008.

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