Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On the Beat with Resistance Pro at "Girls Girls Girls"

Last moth's Resistance Pro's "Girls Girls Girls" was another winner.  The Samuel J. Thompson Memorial event had a few new twists from a regular R Pro show.
First and foremost was the 8 woman tournament to gain a contract to R Pro.  Last year's tournament's winner Brady Pierce is now a rising young star for R Pro.  We will see what the future hold for Palmoa Star, but for right now, it holds a new trophy and that contract.
The show also featured an appearance by several members of the Chicago Bliss.  The 2013 Legends Football League champions acted as lumberjills for the 3 way tournament final match.  They even got involved in the post match action.
I talked to the tournament winner, Paloma, as well as Lylah Lodge, Devyn Nicole, Ray Lyn and Camron Star.  I also talked to Scotty Young, another young superstar of R Pro and Head Photog Mike Vinikour.  Eric St. Vaughn gave us a few minutes of his time after a few months of missing him.
These interviews can be found below and on the YouTube channel under the Resistance Pro playlist.  I hope you enjoy learning a little more about all of these talented people.  I also hope you come to "The Battle Rages On," the next event, this Friday at St. Francis De Sales High School.

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