Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Resistance Pro Invades St. Francis De Sales High School

I hope I don't lose my Mt. Carmel Alumni Association card for this.  Well, the risk is worth it.
When I was growing up, there were a handful of choices for high school.  My sisters both chose Sf. Francis De Sales, a coed school.  I chose Mt. Carmel, an all boys school.  That was a lot of years ago and I have not been to either school since my graduation.
Recently, I returned to SFDS for a prelim meeting between Resistance Pro and some SFDS staffers.  The point of the meeting was to discuss the upcoming R Pro show The Battle Rages On, which is being held at SFDS on Friday, March 21.  Everyone is excited about this event, but now we must spread that excitement to the students and others in the area.
Last Friday, R Pro took another step in that direction by appearing in the cafeteria for all of the lunch periods.  Wrestlers don't usually just make simple appearances though and this was no different.
While full-fledged wrestling matches would be out of the question, Eric St. Vaughn and Matt Knicks did the next best thing.  They challenged all comers to an arm-wrestling match.
I was lucky enough to be on hand to cover the fun.  Several students (boys and girls) and a few adults took on one of the R Pro grapplers.  No offense to the rest, but Gloria was my favorite.
Check out the video below to see the fun for yourself.  After watching the video, go to ResistancePro.com to purchase your tickets to The Battle Rages On.  You'll get great wrestling action and you will be helping out a great high school.

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