Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Chicago Bliss Invaded Resistance Pro Wrestling

George Costanza did not like when his worlds collided, but I could not have had a better time when the Chicago Bliss invaded Resistance Pro Wrestling last Saturday.  The fact that I facilitated this only makes me prouder!
As you all know, I do coverage for R Pro and the Chicago Bliss.  I consider both to be outstanding organizations always good for a fun time.  I always enjoy working with them or simply enjoying the action.
This night had been in the works for several months.  I was nervous and excited about how the evening would unfold.  I should have realized it would be great with these two companies involved.
The Bliss women were embraced by the R Pro crowd and vice-versa.  I think several of the Bliss players would have liked to really get involved, but they had to settle for being lumberjills in the final match of the 8 women tournament.
There is no doubt the Bliss players are beautiful, but they are also incredibly tough, as well as being very personable.  In short, they are the total package.  I love these women!
I want to publicly thank both the Chicago Bliss and Resistance Pro for being class organizations and providing so much entertainment.  I also want to strongly encourage my readers to come to their events.  R Pro generally has monthly events and the Bliss season starts April 5 in Milwaukee.
Chris Castro, Matt Knicks, the Chicago Bliss and me in Willowbrook, IL-February 2014.

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