Monday, April 14, 2014

Friendly Encounters: Mark Bodek Meets Denard Span and Steven Souza

This is a regular feature about my friends who have met celebrities.

I first connected with Mark Bodek because of former WWE diva Terri Runnels.  Terri is a long-time favorite of   Terri was one of the first celebrities to call me "Jay Leno," a fact that bothers the Honky Tonk Man to this day.
Mark works with Terri and is a sports fan.  It's an exciting time to be a fan of the Nationals.  Earlier this year, Mark got to meet several of the Nats, including Steven Souza and Denard Span.
The Nats are the third team t play in Washington DC.  They appear to be a success there.  Too bad Montreal had to lose a team though.
I have not seen Terri in several years (way too long).  She is a blast at conventions.  I am really hoping she makes an appearance in the Chicago area in the near future.  If any company is interested in bring in Terri, you should contact Mark.
If Mark and Terri make it to Chicago, I am extending an open invitation to join me at a Cubs game.  I know it is more of a gift for me than them, but at least they will see the most beautiful field in all of sports (notice I wrote "field" and not entire ballpark).
Steven Souza, Mark Bodek and Denard Span in Washington, DC-January 2014.

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