Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cards That Never Were: 1975 Topps Chicago Cubs Catchers

For the 1975 Topps baseball card set, the Chicago Cubs were given 3 cards featuring catchers.  Steve Swisher, George Mitterwald and Rick Stelmaszek (my guy) all were deemed card-worthy.  Stelmaszek's card was a decent air-brushing, although seemingly unnecessary since he joined the Cubs in July of 1974.
Three catchers appearing in a team set seems a bit high.  Swisher played in 90 games, while Mitterwald appeared in 68.  That would seem like the two obvious choices (with no disrespect to my man Stelly).
Additionally, Tom Lundstedt appeared in 22 games, starting 9, while Stelmaszek appeared in 16, starting 11.  Stelmaszek did have more at bats and hit .224 to Lundstedt's .094.  They were both 25.  Lundstedt would go on to hit .107 for the 1975 Minnesota Twins.
Since Stelmaszek got a card, I decided to make one for Lundstedt.  While I was at it, I also gave Stelmaszek a better image for his card.  Now, thanks to these Cards That Never Were, all four Cubs catchers of 1974 are represented on 1975 Topps cards.

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