Thursday, April 17, 2014

On the Beat with AliSin Chains of the Windy City Rollers 2014

Yesterday, we caught up with Jackie Daniels of the Windy City Rollers.  In her interview, Jackie gave us her update, as well as briefly explained the Windy City Rollers league.
Today, we are catching up with another of the Rollers, whom we previously interviewed.  That original interview can be found at On the Beat with AliSin Chains.
I start the interview asking about a picture of her in a Green Bay Packers jersey.  Seeing that picture a while ago, lead me to AliSin, who lead me to the Windy City Rollers.  I guess it was rather serendipitous.  AliSin explains the Packers jersey in this interview.  Of course, AliSin also talks about a bunch of other things, including when she thought she broke her hip.
AliSin skates for the Manic Attackers and wears #286 (which she explains in the interview).  She also skates for the WCR All-Stars.  Obviously, she is a very talented player.
In addition to her talent, she is also very personable.  She is a definite fan-favorite (and a favorite).  Did I mention that I love her hair?
Last Saturday, the Manic Attackers beat the Fury, 186-180, in an exciting contest.  Unfortunately, the Manic Attackers are still in last place at 1-3.
The next night of Windy City Rollers action is Saturday, May 17.  The WCR home teams will do battle for the Ivy Cup.  This promises to be another fantastic night.

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