Friday, April 18, 2014

Welcome to Chicago Shari Onley

I first heard of Shari Onley when I started to research the Legends Football League.  Shari plays for the New South Wales Surge in LFL Australia.  That would be the LFL Australian champion Surge.
Shari plays on the offensive line for the Surge and she played a big role in Bonnie Gillespie winning the league MVP award.  Shari was a force on the line for sure.
I befriended her on Facebook and started kidding her (and Bonnie) about coming over here.  She teased a rumor, but I thought she was just keeping me guessing.  A few weeks ago though, I got word that Shari was indeed coming to the U.S. and specifically the Chicago Bliss.  From champion to champion!
Of course, I had to request the first U.S. interview with Shari.  She politely agreed.  That interview can be found at On the Beat with Shari Onley of the Chicago Bliss.
I was immediately impressed with Shari's athleticism, but I was also impressed with her personality.  In the interview, Shari mentioned that the team is a bit more sarcastic than the Surge, but Shari seems to be joining in on that already.  She is going to be a great addition to an already awesome Bliss team.
I am really looking foreard to seeing Shari play in a game.  I have seen her in practice and she is impressive.  The whole team is impressive.  Can you tell that I am itching for the games to begin?
Shari Onley and me in Darien, IL-March 2014.

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