Thursday, May 8, 2014

On the Beat with Amanda Lundvall

I could have entitled this "One Stepping with Amanda Lundvall."  As mildly creative as that would have been, I decided to stick with my usual "On the Beat with..."  I like uniformity.
Anyway, I have known Amanda for a couple years.  We met through Eric St. Vaughn of Resistance Pro Wrestling.  As a matter of fact, ESV has been trying to get Amanda on the Beat for a while.
Aside from being an R Pro fan (and an ESV fan and a Body Magic fan), Amanda likes to run.  When I announced I would be running the Chicago Marathon with my niece and nephew, Amanda joined the group.  The more the merrier (pain loves company).
Because of the new lottery system that was implemented for the Chicago Marathon, we were not guaranteed to all be accepted, unless we joined through a charity.  We settled on Children's Oncology Services.  Team One Step offers summer camp and other education and excursion programs throughout the year to children stricken with cancer.
Amanda has been training hard.  She has already done a few shorter runs, including one last Saturday morning.  The ultimate plan was that ESV would interview all of us as we finished the Marathon and thus Amanda would make her Johngy's Beat debut.
At the Chicago Bliss 2014 Kickoff Party, ESV asked Amanda about doing an interview on the spot.  Surprisingly, Amanda agreed.  Could it have been ESV's incredible charm?  Could it have been the euphoria of the evening?  Could she have still been light-headed from her earlier run and her usual lack of sleep?  Could she have possibly had a plan in place?
After watching the interview, a wrestling fan might think that Amanda is developing a gimmick, if you will.  Silent but deadly?  The silent assassin?  The woman of few words?
Whatever the case might be, I am happy to see Amanda make her Beat interview debut.  Kudos to ESV for getting this done.
More importantly, I want to wish Amanda luck throughout her training process.  I have run in over 20 Marathons.  Many people have stated an interest in running with me.  Nobody has ever actually attempted it, except for my bud and business partner Louie (who finished with me in 1990).
This year, Sam, Matt and Amanda are all committed to the Marathon.  It is hard to say that months of training for 26.2 miles of torture is fun, but in this case it is.
Good luck to Amanda and thanks to ESV for another excellent job.

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