Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On the Beat with Brian Crowley at C2E2 2014

Hamster Rage!  Hamster Rage?  At C2E2 2014, how could we possibly ignore the booth featuring Hamster Rage?
Hamster Rage is the brainchild of the multi-talented Brian J. Crowley, who describes himself as a hybrid web-designer.  He is also a Creative Director and Illustration professional.  Hamster Rage has been dubbed the World's Weirdest Web comic.  That's a lofty title, but I cannot disagree with it.
MegaBabe is the world's best super heroine.  Basically, she has gotten the world in order, with help from "The Allied Force" and without revealing her secret identity.  All is right until Roosevelt, her childhood pet, comes back into her life.  He is no longer the playful hamster she loved.  Instead, he is an "over eight feet tall, super strong, invulnerable" cheddar-eating chaos-maker.
I hope I did not lose you there.  I did mention it has been called the "World's Weirdest Web Comic."  I wonder what that says about Crowley's mind?  Actually, I don't even want to know.
Seriously though, Crowley was very normal and happy to talk to us about Hamster Rage.  We appreciate his time and his work.  After you watch our interview with Crowley, please check out HamsterRage.com to learn more and to get important updates (and really just to see some entertaining stuff).

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