Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On the Beat with Dr. Scott Cruse and the Chicago Bliss

Allow me to introduce Dr. Scott Case, the newest member of the Chicago Bliss organization.  Dr. Cruse, of the Wellness Source) is a well-known chiropractor.
Dr. Cruse jumped right to work at his first practice.  He had several members of the Bliss on his table, including Head Coach Keith Hac.  An adjusted, happy coach is a successful coach!  The early reviews were extremely positive.  What's not to like about having a chiropractor on hand to work the muscles and body parts?
This is just another example of why the Bliss is a successful organization.  I doubt other LFL teams have a chiropractor available at practices.  It also speaks of the quality of the organization that Dr. Cruse is devoting his efforts to helping the team remain healthy throughout the rough season.
We spoke to Dr. Cruse about injuries and injury prevention.  I also squeezed a few Marathon tips from the good doctor.  (Is it too early to enlist his services for Monday, October 13...aka the day after the Marathon?)
Dr. Cruse will be at practices and games.  We plan on getting all of the health news from him throughout the season.  Welcome to the Chicago Bliss, Dr. Cruse and thank you for your time and consideration.

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