Thursday, May 22, 2014

On the Beat with Chicago Bliss Assistant Coaches Ryan Andrews and John Witte

Assistant Coaches John Witte and Ryan Andrews are two of the unsung heroes of the Chicago Bliss.  They each have specific responsibilities, but each goes well beyond those "assigned" duties.  Basically, they do whatever is needed to help the Bliss en route to another title.
I really like Ryan and John (don't tell them that...I will never hear the end of it).  They are good guys, good coaches and just simply good for the team.  They are also good interviews.
Prior to their recent season opener, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing both at the same time.  Handling these heavy hitter was no easy task (especially when they tried smashing me (twice).  It's all part of the fun of this team.
I enjoyed this interview immensely.  It represents all things good with the Bliss.  Here are two knowledgeable coaches having fun with the beat reporter.  It's not all a joke, though.  Their intensity comes through as they speak of the game.  There is no fooling around there.  Then when the interview ends, right back to the smashing.
They have a time to play and a time to be serious.  Once that whistle blew, the entire team got really serious and played one great game against the Los Angeles Temptation.
Thank you to Coach Andrews and Coach Witte for your time and consideration.  Congrats on win #1 and good luck as you prepare for the second game (which is on Friday, June 13 at the Sears Centre).  As usual, after you watch the interview, I highly encourage everyone to check out the Bliss.

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