Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On the Beat with Dirk Manning at the 2014 C2E2

Dirk Manning does a pretty good job of hiding his face.  He can hide all he wants, but always finds him at comic cons.  He's a definite favorite of the Beat.  At the 2014 C2E2, we once again caught up with Manning and got a scoop on his latest projects.
You can watch the interview below and then head over to to learn more about Manning and his latest projects.  His work with Big Dog Ink and his book The Tales of Mr. Rhee are his two big projects right now.  Manning considers himself a "short-story" guy, but as evidenced by the above two I mentioned, his talent isn't limited to just that.
A while back, we also learned that Manning likes pro wrestling.  After we talked a bit about his latest work, we had to squeeze in a few wrestling questions.  Manning handled them all well, giving interesting and thoughtful answers.  The man knows his stuff.
We keep going back to Manning, because we like him and his work.  If you can't make it to the various comic cons or other appearances of his, hopefully we are opening some eyes to his talent.  Manning's continual consideration to talk to us and give us the latest scoop, coupled with his willingness to talk about other interests make him an interesting interview subject.

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