Saturday, June 14, 2014

Celebrity Jersey Cards #178: John Witte & Bridget McDonnell

This is a regular series in which I try to combine my lifelong passion for baseball cards with my semi-professional interest in celebrities.  I am continuing "Chicago Bliss Week" by featuring two members of the Bliss organization.

Bridget McDonnell has been dubbed "the Voice of the Rookies."  She is tough on and off the field, as her tour of service for our country proves.  She wears #9, which was famously worn by Bobby Hull during his years with the Blackhawks.  For her Celebrity Jersey Card, Bridget is sporting a camo Hawks jersey, which seems appropriate given her military service.
Assistant Coach John Witte is imitating Superman on his Celebrity Jersey Card.  He opens his shirt to reveal a Bears jersey.  Not that there is anything wrong with wearing #54 for the future Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher, but I would have thought Witte would have represented the offensive line.

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