Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mascot Week: Angry Bird

Am I the only person who never played Angry Birds?  After it debuted in late 2009, it exploded onto the video game scene.  I saw Angry Birds everywhere.  Then I started seeing Angry Bird variations everywhere.
Last year while in Las Vegas, we ran into an Angry Bird.  I dragged Tom into the picture with me.  (Hey, it was an angry bird...I wanted to keep the odds in our favor).
I guess as costumes in Las Vegas go, this one would be okay.  It's not too cumbersome and it is easy to put on.  It's basically just a pair of red pants and a big, round head.
I will be heading out to Vegas (at least once) later this year and I hope to get several more pictures with the fine folks who like to play dress up.  I wonder if I will ever see a Johngy out there?
Tom Nestlehut, Angry Bird and me in Las Vegas, NV-March 2013.

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