Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chicago Bliss Week (Game 2): Deena Fagiano #5

This Saturday, the Chicago Bliss play their second game of the season.  The Seattle Mist better be prepared, because this Bliss team is on a mission!
I first interviewed Bliss veteran Deena Fagiano at a practice prior to their big game against Green Bay last season.  That interview can be found at On the Beat with Deena Fagiano.
Deena plays tight end and linebacker for the Bliss.  These are not glamour positions.  These are not headline positions.  They are important ones, however.
As you read stories on the Bliss, other names pop up first.  I am taking nothing away from the "bigger" names on the team.  The Bliss is a team.  They function together and rely on each other.  Still, players like Deena are too often overlooked.  
I like Deena.  (Okay, I like all of the Bliss players.)  I see Deena work very hard in practice.  Drill after drill, Deena keeps coming back for more, continually working on her technique.
Come game time, Deena is ready to roll and to rock, of course.  Deena does like to have fun on the field and off.  If you catch her on any of the various social media outlets, you will see fun pictures, as well as Bliss stuff.
On the field, she is tough.  Off the field she is a great ambassador.  All told, she is a total package for the Bliss.
I highly encourage everyone to come out to the game this Friday at the Sears Centre.  Deena and her Bliss teammates will give you a show!
Deena Fagiano and me in Hoffman Estates, IL-May 2014.

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