Monday, June 9, 2014

Friendly Encounters: Jim Strong and Bridget McDonnell

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series proving that my friends meet celebrities, too.

I have known Jim Strong for a lot of years, but we were mostly two guys who saw each other at various wrestling shows or celebrity conventions.  Over the last few months, I have seen Jim more often at Resistance Pro shows and he has done some work for me on
I am proud to say I have brought Jim over to the Chicago Bliss bandwagon.  Jim saw the Bliss at an R Pro show and got hooked.  He came to their first game of the season last month and got more hooked!  The Bliss have that effect on people.
Prior to the Bliss game, Jim and I ran into Bridget McDonnell, otherwise known as "the Voice of the Rookies."  Bridget is one of the handful of rookies who cracked the opening day roster.
It was a proud moment for Bridget.  Seeing her in that #9 is proof of all of her hard work paying off.  I have sen her (and the others) at practices and I know how hard these women work.
I took this picture and I love this picture.  Jim is a good guy and I look forward to enjoying more R Pro and Bliss with him.
Bridget is just awesome.  She is tough, intelligent and personable.  She represents everything good about the Bliss.  I look forward to watching her career develop.
Jim Strong and Bridget McDonnell in Hoffman Estates, IL-May 2014.

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