Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chicago Bliss Week (Game 2): Resistance Pro+Fox 103.9+Chicago Bliss+Johngy's Beat

The title says it all.  Four great organizations (yes, I am calling JohngysBeat.com a great organization, although some might argue both parts of that) have come together.
My association with Resistance Pro is well documented and goes back to their debut.  My association with the Chicago Bliss is also well documented, but only goes back to last season.  My association with Fox 103.9 stems from my connection with R Pro and now the Bliss.  Make sense?  Doesn't matter.  It's all fun.
I love synergy.  I love when worlds collide to make stronger entities.  I love good people working and playing together and I especially love when I play a part in connecting those good people.
I initiated the Resistance Pro connection with the Chicago Bliss.  Beautiful athletic women appearing at a wrestling show just seemed a natural fit.  The R Pro fans loved them from the first night.  The Bliss women have been awesome at each appearance.  I am still waiting for them to get in the ring sometime.
I started the ball rolling, but Gabe and Jacques Baron and Eric St. Vaughn jumped on the idea and have helped the relationship flourish since then.
The Fox 103.9 has been a sponsor and friend of R Pro for a long time.  JP Peletis and the crew are all cool and fun and get what is happening.  Recently, they became sponsors of the Bliss.  Wow, it was all coming together now.
The picture below represents 3/4 of this alliance.  Unfortunately, we did not have a Bliss player in the photo.  They were a little busy planning for the game.  Still, it was taken at the game and therefore the Bliss is represented in a way.
There is still plenty of room on this burgeoning juggernaut.  This is inclusive, not exclusive.  Come join the fun.
Eric St. Vaughn, JP Peletis and me in Hoffman Estates, IL-May 2014.

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