Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Days of the Dead is Approaching

Days of the Dead Indianapolis is almost here.  Later this week, Cuzz Gekas and I will be venturing down to Indy for this yearly convention.
There are currently four Days cons, one each in Atlanta, Indy, Chicago and Los Angeles.  I have been going since the first one in Indy in 2012.  This is one of the few "can't miss" conventions on my calendar.
One reason I love Days is the quality of celebrity guests.  They always have a handful of big names and a bunch of lesser-known, but very interesting celebs.
I love meeting anyone who is interesting.  One such example was Wyzae Crankfield.  I admit, I knew nothing of him when I saw him on the celeb guest list.  I did some research and found some interesting stuff.  He is a composer and an actor.  
He responded quickly and positively to my interview request.  He seemed to be very articulate and thought-provoking.  I was happy to learn that he was the real deal in person.  I totally enjoyed meeting him and interviewing him at the convention.  That interview can be found at On the Beat with Wyzae Crankfield.
Wyzae wasn't the only pleasant surprise.  I always meet authors, artists and others who have interesting stories and fascinating projects.  This is why I love Days of the Dead and this is why you will love it, too.  I hope to see some of my readers there!
Wyzae Cranfield and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2013.

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