Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On the Beat with the Chicago Bandits

Recently, Johngy's Beat added the Chicago Bandits to our coverage.  In a joint project with Justin's World, we will be bringing our usual interviews, stories and pictures focusing on the Chicago Bandits, the women's professional fast pitch softball team based out of Rosemont, IL.
Justin's World bills itself as "Your #1 source for Division 1 and professional softball news, articles, opinion, interviews, and more!" and I cannot argue that point.  Justin knows softball and he presents it well.  I was a regular visitor to his site before our partnership began.
Justin is based out of the southeast, making it impossible for him to attend Bandits games.  Justin reached out to me, based on my proximity and interest.  It is a good partnership.
We don't exactly know where this will go.  Our goal is to interview all of the players and coaches during the season.  We hope to get to know all of them and to introduce them to all of our combined readers.
My first Bandits game was successful, except for the outcome, an 8-4 loss to the Akron Racers.  Everyone at The Ballpark in Rosemont was helpful, enthusiastic and professional.  I could not ask for better treatment.
The first official coverage appeared Monday on Justin's World at Shane Winkler Steps into Justin's World.  That was followed on Tuesday with Brittany Cervantes Steps into Justin's World.  I also wrote an online piece for Global Traveler at Chicago Bandits.
There will be a lot more coverage coming here, on Justin's World and other spots, too!
Me in Rosemont, IL-June 2014.

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