Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy 50th John Cardone!!!

Today is John Cardone's 50th birthday.  In honor of John and this momentous occasion, I am participating in "50 Fabulous Days for John!"  This was a project headed by his wife Joan.  It began on May 4 and culminates with his birthday celebration today.
I have known John for about 20 years.  I met him when I joined the legendary Boone Fantasy baseball league.  John's team is Joe, Not the Joe's (or JNTJs).  I still do not really know what that means, although I am sure it has been explained.  I might not understand the team name, but I have to honestly admit, JNTJs are usually ahead of my Bashers in the standings.  JNTJs took 1st place in 1996 and in 2006.  That's one more title than the Bashers have for those keeping count.
The Boone League has grown beyond fantasy baseball for me.  I can easily join any number of fantasy baseball leagues online.  The Boone League is about friendship and camaraderie.  I have great memories with all of my Boone brethren.
Currently, JNTJs are in a heated battle for 2nd place.  I am also in that picture, but on the tail end and barely hanging on.
I'd like to take this space to wish John a happy 50th and to thank him for his friendship (and good-natured ribbing of my woe-filled Bashers).  If the Boone universe was to present John with a gift today, it would be to vault him into first place.  Hey if it was up to me, I would allow it.  Unfortunately, John A's Bombers are in first and John A. isn't as generous and caring as I am.  He will not let go of first.
John hit a big milestone today.  More important than his age milestone though are the friends that he has acquired over the years.  I know "50 Fabulous Days for John!" has been a great success with so many people joining the cause and gifting John in some way or another.  He deserves it all and more.  John is truly one of the good guys.
Happy birthday John.  I hope you enjoy this small token of my appreciation and I hope you really enjoy your day!
The Boone boys over the years.

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Evil Zebra said...

Today was also Amber O'Neal and Lorelei Lee's birthdays also.... but NONE of them sent me any CAKE!!!

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