Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mascot Week: Bruiser

I have written much about the ups and downs of the Chicago Rush.  I had followed the Rush since their debt and I had covered them for the last two years of their existence.  The Rush is gone for the 2014 seaqson and probably for 2015, as well.
The Rush organization treated us well.  Okay, most of the organization treated us well.  For some odd reason, Bruiser seemed to have a problem with me.  From the moment I first met him, I knew there was going to be trouble.  Out of nowhere, he put me in a headlock and squeezed.
What could I do?  I could not retaliate with a headlock of my own.  How could I wrap my arms around that big neck of his?
Fortunately Matt captured the incident.  I am sure Bruiser felt that thisproof would not be good for his image, especially since the team was on shaky ground.  Who would hire a mascot with an assault charge pending?
From then on, I pretty much avoided the big guy.  I am sure we will meet again somewhere.  Hopefully, it will be at the relaunch of the Chicago Rush franchise.  Maybe we can even declare a truce in celebration.
Bruiser and me in Rosemont, IL-Summer 2013.

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