Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mascot Week: Bull Diablo

Bull Diablo is the mascot for the Hell's Belles of the Windy City Rollers.  She (a female bull?) is known for her high kicks and her hijinx.  She is always getting the fans fired up!
I have had the pleasure of covering several Windy City Rollers events.  The fans who pack the UIC Pavilion are always revved up, but Bull Diablo and her mascot colleagues always get them amped up just a bit more.  It's all about fun at the WCR events.
I have previously written many times about the WCR.  The action of these flat track derby ladies is definitely one of the most underrated events in the area.  They have a loyal fan base, but these ladies deserve even more.  I have a great time every time I attend their events.
Give them a chance and you will love them, too.  And that's no Bull (sorry).
Bull Diablo and me in Chicago, IL-Spring 2013.

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