Friday, June 27, 2014

On the Beat with the Chicago Bliss-06/23/2014

At Monday's Chicago Bliss practice, we landed interviews with three rookies.  Bridget McDonnell and DiA'ndra Frye have appeared here before, but we also got Dana Lorraine, one of the newest members of the Bliss organization.
All three rookies gave us their thoughts on the upcoming game in Las Vegas.  Bridget even gave a little happy dance because she will be in uniform for the game.  Congrats to her.  It is well-deserved.
All three athletes gave predictions on the game.  Obviously they are calling for a Bliss win, but they also mentioned victory margins.  Okay, I might have pushed that a bit, but they all eventually put numbers to the predicted win.  For the record, I am calling for a 14 point win.  I'm thinking 28-14.
This isn't about me though.  It is about the tough and beautiful women of the Bliss.  After you watch these three interviews, check out the ladies on their various social media sources.  Also check out the whole team at and

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