Thursday, June 26, 2014

On the Beat with Chicago Bliss Asst. Coach Ryan Andrews: 2014 WWE MITB Predictions

Chicago Bliss Assistant Coach Ryan Andrews is an interesting guy.  For those lucky enough to know him (or at least follow him on Facebook), we know he is capable of tossing out tidbits of philosophy, random musings and more.
At this week's practice, we decided to switch gears a little bit and talk to him about Money in the Bank 2014, the WWE's upcoming event.  From talking to him and seeing him at Resistance Pro Wrestling events, we learned that Andrews is a knowledgeable wrestling fan.  The fans (or at least I) want to know his predictions for MITB 2014.
I have to say that some of his predictions and thoughts surprised me.  I am curious as to how accurate his predictions will be.  We will find out Sunday night.
Coach Andrews also gave us his thoughts on the upcoming Bliss game in Las Vegas.  It is short and to the point and we love it.  Check it out and check out the Bliss!

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