Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On the Beat with Brian Williams at Days of the Dead Indy 2014

At the recent Days of the Dead con, I stumbled upon Brian Williams.  Williams is a writer and producer and the creative force behind Time to Kill.  He described Time to Kill, his feature debut, as his "personal love letter to greasy, grimy 70's exploitation films."  I will let Williams tell you more in the interview below, but I was already hooked with that description.
I won't kill the whole interview, but I want to mention his perseverance.  He was a photographer who had an interest in film-making.  He worked at his craft and did not give up.  The result was Time to Kill.  I should have written that his first result was Time to Kill, because he certainly will have more movies coming out in the future.
Add Williams to the list of fresh movie-makers I will be following.  Finding new film-makers (like finding new authors) is one of my favorite things.  I am really looking forward to watching Time to Kill and seeing where Williams goes from here.
After you watch the interview, head over to the Time to Kill Facebook page and the Mostly Harmless Pictures Facebook page,  You will get all of the news and updates there and hopefully, I will have more in the future, too.

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