Monday, July 14, 2014

Psycho Babble at Exxxotica Expo

At the recent Exxxotica Expo, we had the pleasure of enjoying a great convention in a new way.  Ordinarily will do our own thing at these events.  At Exxxotica Expo, we tagged along with  We watched, learned and enjoyed the weekend festivities.
Exxxotica Expo is loaded with adult stars greeting fans, posing for pictures, signing autographs and selling their merchandise.  Beautiful women like Tera Patrick wore big smiles and sexy clothes, much to the delight of the crowd.  There were also a few male stars, just to be fair.
The crew at PsychoBabbleTV was all over the place.  The did interviews and had fun with the various stars.  You can see all of their coverage on
The PsychoBabble crew is awesome.  They are fun, professional and successful.  They are what wants to be (and we are on our way).
Exxxotica Expo was the perfect place for us to learn from themaster, while having a blast.  The convention was three days of absolute fun.  The folks at Exxxotica Expo take the event seriously, without taking it too seriously.  They are there to give everyone a good time and they succeeded.
Next year, hopes to be back at Exxxotica Expo.  We want to take what we learned from and put it into practice.  We want to see what else the Expo will offer next year.  In other words, we want to have another great time, thanks to Exxxotica!

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