Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On the Beat with Resistance Pro Wrestling at "Deliverance"

Resistance Pro's "Deliverance" was another great night of entertainment.  As usual, JohngysBeat.com was there to enjoy the evening, but also to record some fun interviews with the stars at R Pro.
I started the night by interviewing C Red.  Despite being the successful manager of da Soul Touchaz and one of the fascinating R Pro broadcasters, this interview focused mostly on R Pro's Positive Outreach Program" (POP).  C Red discussed the origin, growth and future of POP.
We finally got Lucy Mendez back for an interview.  Recently voted "The sexiest Female Wrestler in the Midwest," Mendez discussed that award, her love of the St. Louis Cardinals and more in this fun exchange.
JohngysBeat.com's Special Correspondent Jonathan McMahon took the interview spot by landing Jake O'Neill.  This, too, focused mainly on the POP program.  O'Neill also talked about his future in R Pro.
The Slobberknockers have been part of R Pro in various roles since the beginning.  They finally got a shot in the ring (against the tag team champs, no less) and we talked to them immediately after their match.  This is emotional, inspirational and fun.
Justin King was not scheduled for an interview, but that did not stop him from making his presence felt here.  King interrupted a conversation between Dere and me and also an interview with returning ESV superfan Matt Parker.  King is angry and he let us know about it.
Speaking of ESV superfan, ESV himself (Eric St. Vaughn) took Matt to task over his lack of support over the last several months.  ESV demands a lot of himself and those around him.
This is just a slice of the fun I had at R Pro at "Deliverance."  Next Friday, I am heading out to "Mob Rules" to get more interviews and have more fun.  Sat tuned to the Resistance Facebook page and the JohngysBeat.com Resistance playlist on YouTube for all future R Pro interviews.

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