Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On the Beat with Michael West at Days of the Dead Indy 2014

Author Michael West is a staple at conventions.  We continued that trend at the recent Days of the Dead convention.
West was promoting Hades Disciples, his newest book and the second in the Legacy of the Gods series (Poseidon's Children was the first).  West describes the series as multi-genre, consisting of dark fantasy, horror, sci-fi and more.  It sounds interesting to me.  I am not just a fan here.  I bought my copy and will be reporting back here in the near future.
Aside from the usual questions about his current and future projects, I had a little fun with West.  I asked him about his weapon of choice, as well as what scares him.  His answers surprised me just a bit.
I really like West.  He is friendly and forthcoming with info.  He is interested in promoting his work, without being obnoxious.  He is the perfect con guest and interview subject.  I will always go to him for an update interview (and no, that is not what scares him the most).
After you watch the interview, check out and the Michael West Facebook page and follow Michael West on twitter.  You can also look forward to more West interviews here.

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