Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On the Beat with Terence Muncy at Days of the Dead Indy 2014

I have seen writer-director Terence Muncy at a few conventions, but I never had the opportunity to meet him until the most recent Days of the Dead con.  Best known for Bikini Monsters and Midnight Matinee Psycho, Muncy has produced 5 films in total.
Days of the Dead is the perfect place to meet talented people like Muncy.  He had a steady line of fans all weekend, but he took time to talk to everyone and gave us a couple extra minutes for the interview, which you can watch below.
One of the funnier stories involves the name of his company.  It once was Black Forest Studios.  It is now Warbranch Productions (with Black Forest Studios being reserved for his art).  I'll let him explain the name switch.
One of his more recent projects involves some art work he did with Sammy Terry, a great horror character (who also happened to be at Days).  Obviously, Muncy is a multi-talented person, but I was really impressed with his art work.  I had not known about that part of his creative side.  What else can this guy do (and what else will he do?)?
For those answers, you can watch the interview below and you can check out Muncy on Facebook.  If you get the chance to meet him at aa con, do not pass the chance.  It's people like Muncy who really are the backbone to the horror industry.

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