Thursday, August 7, 2014

On the Beat with Danielle Zymkowitz of the Chicago Bandits

The Johngy's Beat-Justin's World of Softball joint coverage of the Chicago Bandits continued yesterday on Justin's World at Bandits Interviews, Parts 6-9.  Justin featured four interviews.  Starting today, I am featuring each interview separately starting with Danielle Zymkowitz.
A product of the University of Illinois, Danielle is in her 4th season with the Bandits.  She wears #7, plays second base and is a slick fielder.  As you will hear in the interview below, one of her goals is to be featured on ESPN's "Web Gems."  It was interesting to hear that.  Fielding is usually under-appreciated.
Danielle and I talked about several topics, including cereal, the Big 10 rivalry on the team, hotdog eating contests and more.  This was the typical fun interview I have been getting with the Bandits.
The Bandits are fun to watch on the field and they have been great in interviews.  We have a whole bunch more coming.  Stay tuned here and on Justin's World of Softball.  Also, go to to learn more about the team.
My interview with Danielle can be found at Danielle Zymkowitz Interview.
Danielle Zymkowitz and me in Rosemont, IL-July 2014.

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