Sunday, August 24, 2014

On the Beat with James Finn Garner and Paul Erickson at Wizard World 2014

I first met James Finn Garner and Paul Erickson separately last year.  Both did interviews with and I have followed them since.  A few weeks ago, Erickson told me he would be at Wizard World in Rosemont and that he would be sharing a booth with Garner.  I was excited about revisiting each.
I don't usually like to interview two people together, especially when they are not totally connected professionally.  After talking informally to both, we all decided it would make sense and be fun to do this twofer.
Jame Finn Garner is a New York Times best-selling author.  His clown noir book series featuring Rex Koko fascinated me.  I am not just giving lip-service either.  I bought the first two books in the series from Garner and I can't wait to dive into them.
Erickson is the best Tolkien parodist.  His passion (and humor) is evident as he is usually in costume at these conventions.  My nephew Matt bought his books last year and this time, I purchased the first book, The Wobbit A Parody (of Tolkien's The Hobbit).
I had a blast seeing and talking to these guys again.  I encourage everyone to check out their works after you watch the interview below.
This is one of the cool things about the comic con circuit.  I get to reconnect with people like Garner and Erickson.  Each time we get to know each other a little better (that's a scary thought for them).
I appreciate Wizard World granting me the opportunity and I thank Garner and Erickson for their time and consideration.  Check them out.  They are really interesting guys!

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JayHawk Evans said...

Great interview with two creative writers. And great camera work as well! :)