Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bear Down Sunday: Game 1-Buffalo Bills

This blog can be subtitled "Cards That Never Were."  For the Chicago Bears season opener against the Buffalo Bills, I am featuring Tony Furjanic, former NFL player with the Bills and Miami Dolphins.
The Bears have their best offense in my lifetime.  Unfortunately, their defense is a bit questionable.  Still, in this NFL, this should be enough to make them very competitive.
Buffalo seems to be the opposite.  In any case, the Bears should defeat the Bills without too much of a struggle.  This is a decent game to start the season positively for the Bears.
As is well-documented here, I went to Mt. Carmel High School with Furjanic.  He was a star at MC, and Notre Dame before starting his NFL career in 1986.  Furjanic played two seasons in Buffalo and one in Miami before retiring.  He played in 28 games over the three seasons.
In Furjanic's era, Topps limited their football card production to about 15 players per team.  That means not even every starter got a card.  As much as I wanted to see Furjanic make the cut, it just wasn't going to happen.
If Topps didn't make one, at least I now have the ability to make a virtual card for my old high school mate.  I gave Furjanic a card from the 1987 set, which would have been after his rookie season.  
Currently Furjanic works and lives in the south suburbs of Chicago.  He is very successful and is as nice as ever.  Furjanic is truly one of the good guys.  Despite being a Bills alum, I still think Furjanic will be cheering for the Bears!

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